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Letter to The People of The United States of America

A President used to be a symbol of excellence of the highest ideas , a true leader of all Americans , a founder, a liberator,a warrior against all tyranny , the people would be humbled with honor when they would see a true president, their voice, their compass;but today is sad time in America,the people are led by a divider,a saboteur of our systems and great American values.Our great house, who has welcomed the greatest citizens our country has to offer,is now occupied by an ambition for the self , to destroy the balances of freedom for the profit of the few,to attack our speech ,our press,to blatantly lie to the people and remove us from the facts of reality,this country was built by the people,for the people and the people have given their lives for its future of freedom the people,our nation is on a trajectory of failure,the future of our country and the world is in the hands of the people.If we let go, we are letting go of all the things that has made this country the beacon of freedom throughout all the world.All the people of the great nation must stand and protest with every drop of blood they have for the future or this great Nation.We as a Divided America must get through this time and unite to ensure that the president who leads us is one who’s first and foremost priority is to honorably serve all Americans,to put our ideas,our values,and our moral and national constitution before all corruption and allegiances to anything other than our legacy and the only thing that keeps us free an undying and patriotic allegiance to the all citizens of the United States Of America.There is a betrayal,a betrayal that we are not being led for the benifit of a country for the people, but by a leader,of greed, disparity, inequality,bias,corruption and subjugation.Let all Americans unite and stand up in protest of this deviation in our path, and to work to regain our government and direct it towards the balanced prosperity of our country and our ideas of freedom, unity,honor and excellence for all.Our trajectory is faltering,and the times are challenging, but we are the children of the Delaware, and just like the bravery that happened then , we can express it again, our future is in your hands.

Stephen K Judy

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