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America Needs to balance wealth and power.

There is a multifaceted imbalance of wealth and power In this country that is fundamentally wrong.This imbalance deprives people the right to prosperity not only in the United States but all over the world. This imbalance is modern subjugation and is inherently evil. I love America , and I understand that this country didn’t start out on the best foot and has evolved and overcame lots of challenges. There is no other country and no other people in the world that can complete our next great revolution and that is to balance the wealth disparity of our country, which will solve many of our social ills and lead us into an age of peace and prosperity.The balance will also allow us to improve the environment.However , unless we can rally this system to balance the wealth that was unfairly gained from the beginning, we will always be at a disadvantage, and we will always have protest and riots and all the ills that come from greed and putting wealth and theft before people.This is the hardest task In The world , but I believe America can do it , and I believe with the love and peace and guidance of god ,we can create a new age of prosperity for all men and we can enter into a new age of global peace, but we have to unify with all people and become one with humanity;We have to not build walls and systems of subjugation and oppression but bring down the long historical walls of bias,prejudice,and oppression.

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