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NM GOP Chair Steve Pearce Is Still Silent On Commissioner Couy Griffin’s Violent Remarks

A full day after news broke of Otero County Commission Couy Griffin’s claimsthat “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce has still failed to issue a statement condemning the remarks. So far, the New Mexico GOP’s only response has been a vague tweet that doesn’t mention Commissioner Griffin or the specific incident.
This is the latest in a string of violent or threatening remarks that Commissioner Griffin has made about political issues.
“This tweet is a weak attempt from the GOP to brush Commissioner Griffin’s comments under the rug,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Violent rhetoric like this requires a clear and forceful denunciation, not a blanket statement made in a tweet. Chairman Pearce and all New Mexico Republicans should immediately join us in condemning these comments and calling for Commissioner Griffin’s resignation.”

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