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The lion and the chihuaha, Pelosi v. Shahid

In regards to the Pelosi v. Shahid debacle,I don’t believe shahid will ever beat Pelosi, I mean he has nice views and I don’t doubt he’s a great person ,I like his ideas ,but I question his reasoning and leadership because he’s quite immature to be challenging a 17 term congresswoman and speaker of the house. Nancy Pelosi gets national publicity on a weekly basis and is well connected (and loved by the American people)and it’s almost disrespectful for him to challenge such a scion of american politics that is entrenched in removing a wanna be dictator from our White House. You have to pay your dues, Shahid should just be glad if he gets into congress and then like a true politician learn his craft in the legislature and earns the right to a position like Pelosi’s.Shahid is barking up the wrong tree he should go against someone less influential to enter congress and work from there ,that’s why I question his reasoning. I know he’s idealistic , but it’s like a 110 pound 22 year old (pumping his chest ,saying he’ll win!!) while getting in the ring with Mike Tyson, something’s you just don’t do.It’s such a monumental task to go against Pelosi, I wonder if Shahid knows he’ll lose and is just seeking attention, time will surely tell, trust me.

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