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The Death Of America: A Trial without Evidence

During the Donald Trump impeachment trial the managers from the United States Congress are submitting and requesting vital and relevant evidence to be presented to the public and to be heard regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump. The Senate, which seems to be biased against all things the congressional managers are requesting, is voting down anything and everything that has to do with evidence that would find Donald Trump Guilty;This is the end of the American system of checks and balances and the integrity of the America system of government. By protecting the president, republican senators in the Senate Are paving the way for American to become and oligarch. Long gone are the days of ” no one being above the law” and “anyone can become president if they work hard” . Because trump has successfully seduced half the country and has seduced the republican side of the United States Senate, he can now do whatever ever he likes, what this means is your rights and the great idea of what America should be , has just died tonight.

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