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Making a Living

The Automotive Industry in Albuquerque, New Mexico has developed a negative perception in the public’s eye. One of of goals at Del Sol is to change those negative notions into positive attitudes. We are not just some used car salesmen that use your hard earned money to pad our pockets; We are people who sell vehicles to support our families.

Our inventory is not designed to screw you! Any vehicle you see for sale on our lot must uphold a high standard. That standard being our own family’s safety and well-being. If we wouldn’t feel comfortable watching one of our own family members purchase a vehicle; we won’t sell it to you. That simple. We started our dealership out of the frustration we felt other dealerships have created; which is, lack of empathy for their customers.

We care about you, the consumer.

Check out this 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible. You can see all of our inventory with this link: https://www.delsolautomotivegroup.com/inventory/

2011 FORD MUSTANG | Premium Convertible 2.0 | 94,107 Miles | $10,950

DEL SOL AUTOMOTIVE GROUP |7301 Central Ave NE ABQ, NM 87108 | 505.356.2020

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