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Victoria Martens Petition Rapidly Gains Momentum

Victoria Martens

Just three days after posting online the petition for The New Mexico Victoria Martens Act reached thousands of people across the Southwest and has gained the attention from other media organizations, including reports from #MadelineSchmidt and #JessicaGarate from #KRQE news:


#JaniceMalcolm of the news website #INQUISITR shared our petition this very morning via her article online:

“In the few days since it has been established, the online petition has already garnered more than 4,000 signatures seeking to make the bill law. Henry Valdez, who works with the New Mexico District Attorney’s Association explained that as the law stands now, the only people who are given life without parole if convicted of killing a child are also guilty of having committed kidnapping or rape. However, a general life sentence in New Mexico means eligibility for parole after 30 years.”

Through our petition we want to tell our officials that it is long past time to create tougher sentences for child killers after #VictoriaMartens was brutally raped and and murdered.  Her story has reached national attention through news sources such as #WashingtonPost and #CNN.   It is heinous and unimaginable, but she is not the first of our children taken by the hands of the heartless.  Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out those who knew 9 year old #OmareeVarela and 11 year old #AshlynnMike who were both taken from their families this past year.  

We MUST put a stop to this. We must send a message that New Mexico will not tolerate anyone hurting our children. Please sign and share our petition below:


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    • Tony, our hearts go out to the families and friends of those taken too young. Please join our efforts by signing and sharing this petition. We can never get back the lives of those lost, but we WILL push to put a stop to it happening again by taking the first step and demanding tighter laws against offenders.


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