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Woman Says Metro Judge Was Rude,Indifferent and Unfair.

Albuquerque, NM– Michelle Aguilar Says that when she went to Court to respond to a lawsuit from a refrigerator repair company that did a bad job, The Judge, Judge Daniel Ramczyk totally disregarded her case, failed to hear her witnesses and disregarded any evidence she may have. Ms. Aguilar did have pictures of shotty work, the repair man attempted to fix some broken Styrofoam with a toothpick. Along with other pictures of a messy job and as well as a contract that wasn’t Signed and the testimony of three contractors that said the work performed was unnecessary or faulty, the judge didn’t hear any of the evidence. Ms.Aguilar feels she has been wronged and wanted to appeal the judgement, but when she went to file an appeal there was no records in the file. Some say we should audio record every hearing as in California, maybe it would make things better for all parties involved. We tried to contact the Judges office but were unable to get interview.

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  1. Daniel Ramcyzk did the same thing to my wife, another Hispanic woman named Michelle in February. We had pictures proving our Landlord had neglected his duties- we had been without a working heater since October. When we vacated with 30 days notice, our landlord retaliated with a false eviction, and went on to bill us for remodeling the entire unit and replacing the heater he refused to fix for us. All the whIle we had a 4 year old. The so called honorable Judge Ramcyzk ignored our evidence and the law, mocking my wife when she brought it up in a hearing. “Oh you know SO much about the law,” he said. This man is a disgrace and, in my opinion, should not be allowed to practice law let alone judge.


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