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Veteran Looking For Companion


Looking For Rico
3 weeks ago on Friday October 16, 2015 Billy, Rico and a friend stopped at Bob’s burgers on San Mateo (between Osuna and Academy). Billy got down and left Rico in the Suburban, his friend who is legally blind did not see Rico get by him. Rico didn’t run away he was accidently left behind. Billy is a disabled veteran with PTSD and was homebound for several years and Rico was his companion dog. Billy made great progress with Rico. Unfortunately, Rico had not been chipped because of the situation. Billy just lost his father to cancer and has been going back and forth to take care of his ailing mother. Billy put up posters, checked every facility, the internet and has walked the whole area. Whoever found Rico please see it in your heart to return him. There is a reward and you will be compensated for his needs. Bill really made progress with Rico and they desperately need each other.

If you have any information please call  505-804-4774

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