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Angry Mob protest against police shootings,did the police learn?

Angry Mob protest against police shootings,did the police learn?

Usually when protest happen its about some kind of government program or to save the wales, or because of some kind of political unrest,This time it was against the very police that were trying to control the protest,after multiple shooting this year the people of the duke city finally had enough when the police shot and killed an innocent defenseless homeless man camping in the foothills of the sandia mountains,they started marching downtown,practically took over the police substation and began battling them on the streets,The message sent,don’t abuse the citizens this way or we’ll come out in mass and wreak havoc,that’s pretty much what happened. Apd probably learned a good lesson after today,don’t abuse citizens rights,and actually the protest worked,because now the mayor is asking for more funding to pay for increased DE-escalation training for the police department,so always remember duke city citizens when something like this happens come out en mass because by using your right assemble,even if they are throwing tear gas and saying “unlawful assembly” on the loud speaker,at least the politicians see and make the changes needed.

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