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Actress Jessica Osbourne

Born and raised in cleethorpes,England to a mother who was a dance teacher, Her first time on the stage was at the age of two, at age 4 she was playing Nelly the elephant in a singing and dancing production,staring in her first film at the age of 11 her career began blossoming, entering the Italia Conti acting school in great Britain at age 16 and graduating with a union membership in the British equity It was an honor and pleasure to interview this ,professional ,highly skilled and great actress/director Jessica Osbourne.

Jessica is a busy actress,finishing up her role in “rapture blister burn” and preparing for her part in the upcoming “love loss and what i wore” ,Jessica is the consummate actress,acting is her life;When I first met Jessica two things came to my mind,One, This is a real true actor,and two she is a true professional.From the actress Hollywood like glasses on the table,well earned might i add,to just the way she communicates,every word,facial expression,is years of roles and characters portrayed flawlessly while we talk,its as if she doesn’t know she doing it, i’m starting to call it that “acting thing”,Its what happens when you come across true actors with years and years of experience under there belts,its as if all the characters they played and all the lines they memorized has cultivated and blessed there inner spirit so much you can help but see it emanate when they talk with you,its like the finest type of communication a person can experience almost like a higher wavelength or pure art and literature,I’ve said this before and ill say it again,Its as if your entering a movie and your talking to a character,that’s how Jessica is,but its really her,shes just a pro,you know your talking to a true actress you can just tell.She has been in many roles, “the amateur”, “the man-app” “dangerous Liaisons” “mid summers night dreams” ,and when asked if she can jump in and out of character she can,and she kind of in a way gave me an example,which was very unique and showed me that she is a very true actress in that shes not stuck in roles,she can turn it on or off and be herself or jump into character which to me seemed like it would take a lot of skill and you can tell was learned in a school like the italian conti.I have the privilege and honor of interviewing famous and important people,specially actors,and I learn from them,what i learned from Jessica is that she works hard,and that she works hard even though shes a classically trained actress from a British school,and I can also tell that she is somewhat customized,doing roles and genres she likes,she says she likes comedy a lot,I can also tell its her passion,she would probably do it for free and probably does at times when she not doing paid features.Jessica told me she likes new mexico,that “there’s a high amount of talent here”,her favorite theaters are the duke city repertoire,the auxdog, and the motherroad theater although she can also be found doing comedy at the nexus brewery or the damn bar.My interview went very nice with Jessica,I asked her who her influences were,she said,Victoria wood,meryl streep and judy walters,all of who i could see reflecting off of her ,In closing I would like to say there’s nothing like meeting a real actress,and this was one of those times,so thank you Jessica and I look forward to seeing you again on the silver screen!

Acting classes-Jessica Osborne will be Holding acting classes at the Aux Dog Theater in nob hill starting march 29th,the courses are full scale professional acting courses including but not limited to,vocal production,cold reading,scene study,creating vocal character,physical character creation,background work, and accent and dialect work, The focus of her instruction is on the technical side of acting.For more information please visit the auxdog theater,email Jessica.marie.osbourne@gmail.com or call 505-604-4522 for more information.

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