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Rare Interview With the legendary Actor Preston Harmon


Recently I had the great privilege of interviewing Actor and Emmy award winning costume designer Preston Harmon.Not only Did I learn about life and the art of acting,I was truly amazed at this entertainers story;Born in California to a father that wan an actor as well as minstrel Preston learned of acting at an early age,its in his blood,in his words “he knew what he was destined for and that was acting”, While acting in California  he was fortunate to work with a variety of star as well  such as ,Lucille ball,  whoopi Goldberg and ,Lawrence fishburn,  he also worked for Disney as costume designer where he won an Emmy for his designs.Whats interesting about this story is the extreme odds in which he has defied in his life,being “legally” blind you couldn’t tell as  he answers his cell, walks around,  can see you, and  pretty much has normal vision.Another thing you couldn’t tell about Preston is that he defeated cancer,having been diagnosed a few year back he said in his words “its my cancer and I can do with it what I want, I can give up and let it win or I can carry on and defeat it,” When you first meet Preston,you know your meeting an actor,with a tall slim build ,long purple trench coat, hat from the 20’s and skilled facial expressions ,Lawrence fishburn once said was impeccable facial acting,meeting Preston is meeting a true character,to be honest,I felt like I was in the room with a legend,and a true piece of furniture in the acting/theater/film world,I’m an actor myself and I actually became a better actor just by talking to him for a few minutes,maybe that’s why Preston is so while known around town within the acting community,you know they say that new mexico is the next Hollywood,or in prestons words, “chilliwood” and that being said I guess even though hes originally from California he might be one of the original few actors of new mexico. Mr. harmon says that he enjoys all types of acting however he may have an affinity towards comedy,and that was very apparent, he also is writing on some things,when you talk to preston you can help but laugh because his personality is so causally entertaining its quite different and refreshing,you know your in the presence of a morpher,a chameleon,its quite unique, I guess you could get unique vibes from presidents,doctors,lawyers,business people,but when you meet a true actor,someone that can be any of them in any given moment,it does something magical,you feel like your in a movie just talking to the person,that’s how Preston is,once you start talking to Preston your in a movie,in Hollywood,he could probably charge people just for talking to him,In conclusion,It was an honor and privilege to interview Preston Harmon, he truly is a national treasure and a legendary actor.

Preston harmon has featured in the signal,terminator,breaking bad,in plain sight,a million ways to die,and many other films,


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