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Are the albuquerque Police too tough on crime?

Around the Local media theres been different stories about the albuquerque Police and the brutality they inflict,arising to the question,are the albuquerque poilce too tough on crime kind of like the LAPD? If you dont already know Los Angeles is the sister city of Albuquerque,all the draftees from the albuquerque dukes(before they were the isotopes) went directly to the LA Dogers because they had a sister city recruiting program,does this mean that we inherit LAPD’S reputation in our own police force as well?Well as it stand nobody knows except the brutalized the aggressors and the media, there have been multiple settlements and complaints from the public about albuquerque police brutality,If you asked me my honest opinion on the subject,I would say this, Albuquerque is a beautiful and hitoric city,but it is a tough town,on both sides,I think that the police are just increasing there agression to combat a city that is quite different than any other city in the world,tough criminals make tough police,the police just might have a different edge on it becauise they have the legislators and the judges and the politicians making sure that they are ahead of the criminals,but ultimatley I would just chalk it up to albuqerque is a tough town,I dont know how else the police would handle there reputation,I mean maybe they are really hurting and lashing out cause they cant take it,maybe the criminals are very aggressive and dangerouse and these are just police officers shooting at whatever moves,maybe politicians like it that way to get the heat off of them and there blue collar crimes?maybe our laws arent tough enough and the criminals get out and go back to there ways and walk all over the police officers,who knows,whatever it is if you live in albuqerque,you live in a tough town and when the police stop you,dont make no sudden movements,and do what they tell you,or else!..

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