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Local Electrician Builds SUPER-BIKE!

Local Electrician Builds super bike! by stephen k judy

Local Electrician Builds super bike!

by stephen k judy

A local electrician named tom has created his own bike,this isn’t just any type of bike this bike is a super bike,the bike contains a special motor from china that fits on the front wheel that powers it forward,it even has reverse,furthermore the bike has a key ignition,an air horn,two more horns,turn signals lights two computer systems and in the future a possible battery pack,whats most interesting about this story is that tom didn’t buy this bike,he built it from scratch,the bike also has a special suspension system(some of it is still being developed) but the suspension will help the bike with stability,turning and sway,also the bike has hidden fold out basket compartments and a compartment on the back to carry things, roughly the bike weighs about 100-110 pounds,tom the electrician from Albuquerque west side built it from scratch including the frame and plans to make more tweaks to the bike in the future.To help the bike for visibility it has a flexible pole with flags and a special alien light on the back that illuminates at night so drivers can see its there it also has a triangle type reflector and air horn,so next time your driving around town be careful and courteous to pedestrians and bikers,there a work of art riding around out there, the bike also goes around 45-50 miles an hour and can keep up with traffic.(photos courtesy of tom the bikes owner for the duke city times.)




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