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China’s Claim to the Spratly Islands–Unjustified?

China has been stemming much controversy as of late through the claiming of the Spratly Islands and the building of military bases on their land.  The islands are very far from the Chinese mainland and much closer to Vietnam and the Philippines–two others laying claim to the islands.  It seems in this instance that China has gone too far in claiming these islands and is just trying to expand its territory in a way that will dominate Southeast Asia.  As the Spratly Islands are very far from the Chinese mainland, are UN and Nato treaties to block china justified?

1 day after Russia invades Ukraine


One day after Russia has surprisingly decided to invade Ukraine,a country south of Russia with Russian heritage,the international community is beginning to cut all ties with Russia,Russia is getting ready for a larger scale war,Ukraine is bracing itself to prepare for major war operations and is also asking the international community to help.

President Obama has already talked to Russian president Vladimir Putin about the incident and warned the Russian president that this is a violation of international law and that there will be economic consequences, but the president ,talking to Putin from the oval office wearing jeans and a sweater didn’t seem to be threatening with military action in any manner,and the us hasn’t even changed its military posture,meaning the U.S. for now isn’t considering military aid for Ukraine,although sen.John carry has said that all options are on the table.

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