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Stop using Mexican asylum seekers as political pawns..the border is fine..

In Mexico crime is so bad children defend their villages with machines guns , those who flee and come to the US are truly asylum seekers , the United States is Mexico’s largest drug buyer.

Whether it’s Mexico’s fault or the United States fault is neither hear nor there for this article , this articles purpose is to point out that Republicans are using the border and women and children as political pawns , using them as scapegoats and talking points for racist which is wrong.

The border is fine , the United States Government is in control of the border , drugs don’t come in through asylum seekers they come in through vehicles that slip through the cracks , and tunnels .

It’s disgusting for republicans to use the “border” as an imaginary boogie man to scare Misinformed republicans into into voting ,

Racism is started with policies , spreading policies of hate by using asylum seekers at the southern border as political talking points is wrong and more dangerous for America than “ dangerous” asylum seekers themselves.

In 2018 asylum seekers brought Texas 18 billion in revenue and only used 2 billion in services , asylum seekers who cross the border bring in more then they use .

When you have American republicans demonizing asylum seekers ( women and children fleeing a dangerous situation ) thats a big red flag our political discourse has taken a turn for the worse.

The United States send billions in aid around the world , we could easily curb the violence and drugs in Mexico , the problem is with criminals not the victims ,

To use the victims in this situation for political gain , to play on the racist inclinations of republicans is not American and goes against everything America is about , America is not Nazi Germany and Mexicans are not Jews Get over it , if you think otherwise you might be the one who needs to leave.

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