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Ronchetti and GOP Gov-Hopefuls Threaten Our Democracy

By : Delaney Corcoran

At the GOP Primary Debate, Candidates Confirm Their Extremist and Out of Touch Views For New Mexico

Tonight during KOAT’s primary debate, Mark Ronchetti and his fellow Republican candidates for governor doubled down on their threat to our democracy. By spreading election misinformation, stoking fear about voter integrity, and flat out denying the results of the 2020 election, Ronchetti and the other GOP candidates for governor demonstrated that they will promote themselves at all costs—even if it means sacrificing our democratic process. 

Mark Ronchetti has been sowing seeds of doubt in our election system since the very beginning of his campaign. By promoting fringe election “security” policies, Ronchetti has shown New Mexicans that he stands with the rest of the GOP candidates in their complete disregard for our democracy. Other GOP candidates like Rebecca Dow and Jay Block have pushed for election audits and election conspiracy theories. Candidates like Greg Zanetti and Ethel Maharg have even flat out denied that President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. 

On the debate stage, the GOP candidates have confirmed that their views are incredibly out of touch with the majority of New Mexicans. While pushing policies that could destroy our democracy, ruin our electoral processes, and threaten election outcomes, Ronchetti and the other gov-hopefuls prove that they would rather pander to extremists than present a plan to actually lead our state.

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