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A Letter to Elon..

Elon after great success you realized the teaching of the Buddha regarding attachment and sold your Los Angeles Mansion , impressive , however , I think you should make me your personal life coach and friend , because I need to convey to you that although I support you and your great feats , I think covering the future earths atmosphere with satellites all not only be an attachment to the earth it will not let us see the stars as well which saddens me as I’m sure at some point looking at the stars motivated your mental vision ! As a medicine man and priest I think you should continue your technology ventures but also balance your mission to preserving the view of the stars for dreamers as well as maybe helping end human and political crisis on our earth . When Jesus talked the rich young ruler he asked him to sell all he had and follow the father, that is a very hard thing to do many billionaires try it at the end of there life , I think a different way to living well might be to balance your great ability to use technology to create wealth with using your power to help Gods( how you understand him ) children , to be great is one thing , but you will be greater when you come back down to earth and spread some love !

Su amigo ,


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